Customer relationship management solution to bring distribution of pharmaceutical products to the new level.

A suite of CRM tools for business cycle planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics enable pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to automate industry-specific business processes and increase revenue by empowering their field workers.

Unified customer database

Effective Nectain DIY tools allow you to create and develop a single database of existing and potential customers to record contact information, interaction histories, customer requests and products. A comprehensive CRM database allows for keeping a complete history of all customer interactions in one place.Key capabilities provide account and contact management, interaction and communication histories, tracking customer relationships. Available custom integration solutions (such as Mautic) help track and data enrichment through social media.

Coordinated campaigns and marketing communications

A set of tools for automating marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products provides the ability to segment and target not only the client base, but also retail outlets for medicines and medical devices. This allows you to effectively manage marketing resources, plan, conduct and evaluate different marketing campaigns for different customer groups. Nectain DIY presents a wide range of closed-loop marketing tools for effective target audience management.

Key account management

Nectain’s effective tools enable you to organize your key account management processes as a core part of your strategic development. This approach will turn customer relationships into a critical competitive advantage.

For successful pharmaceutical sales, tasks and projects can be classified as profit milestones with an assessment of the intermediate results expected from buyers. This will help shape the dynamics of key customer loyalty development..

Cycle activities planning

Convenient marketing tools help create one-time and cyclical campaigns that can be launched according to predefined scenarios and through various communication channels. Independently and easily accessible planning and management of recurring events – promotions or advertising, setting their duration or start dates. Nectain DIY allows you to track dates and locations, segment the target audience according to the necessary criteria, plan the budget and assign a team, as well as track feedback related to the event.

Field force management

Field force is the main tool for promoting pharmaceutical companies’ prescription drugs. Nectain DIY allows you to independently automate the activities of medical representatives involved in the promotion of drugs in the medical audience. For these purposes, the organization of business processes is available, including planning visits to doctors, topics of meetings, forms and regulations of reports. Operational control of the results and prompt response to emerging deviations make sales more transparent, manageable and efficient.

Sales planning and sales process management

Regardless of the complexity and nomenclature composition of pharmaceutical products, information can be structured and stored in Nectanin DIY, where an unlimited number of parameters can correspond to each product. It also allows you to more accurately schedule tasks and meetings, quickly activate any business process depending on the current circumstances of the transaction.

For complex sales cycles, BPMN modeling tools can be used to quickly modify or create new specialized business processes on their own, greatly improving the sales manager’s chances of successfully closing deals.

At every stage, Nectain DIY offers the necessary steps to organize and simplify the daily routine of medical representatives or sales managers.

Enhanced customer service

With Nectain DIY, a sales manager can easily identify high-profile customers who are missing important details, quickly assess profile completeness, and make sure the database has all the information they need. You can also track every interaction with an account or contact, including appointments and calls, contracts, and products used. This will help you build relationships with your customers based on your complete communications history. Complete customer data at your fingertips and essential to provide the best customer experience.

Data-driven decisions and actionable insights

Nectain DIY allows you to control and improve processes by analyzing your customer base. A thorough analysis allows you to look at your customer database from a different angle in order to measure the effectiveness of customer interactions, identify the best customers and track changes in their behavior. Available custom integrations (such as Microsoft Power BI) allow you to customize dashboards to suit your needs for accurate insights. Such solutions make it possible to track daily operations and the overall effectiveness of sales, and analyze the productivity of employees. The analysis of advertising campaigns can be aimed at making them more effective: spend as little as possible in order to earn as much as possible. The result is an increase in customer focus, reduction in marketing costs, expansion of the client base – the most necessary for profit growth.
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