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By making the switch from Nintex to Nectain, you can take advantage of enhanced tools for developing, improving, and controlling your applications.

What you get when you choose Nectain?


Nectain has the ability to handle terabytes of data and thousands of users simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage. Its low-code development platform enables businesses to quickly create innovative apps that are scalable and can accommodate millions of users.

BPMN 2.0. & DMN 1.1. Standards

Nectain utilizes the Object Management Group's (OMG®) BPMN 2.0, which provides an easily understandable framework for organizations to design and execute business processes. Nectain's low-code platform enables users to accomplish this task easily by providing a bridge between the design of business processes and their execution. Additionally, Nectain uses DMN Decision Engine, a universal standard for decision modeling and automation, which allows business stakeholders and IT teams to collaborate and automate business decisions.


IDP Intelligent Document Processing and OCR Optical Character Recognition:


Nectain employs Azure Document Recognition and Google to provide continuous support for intelligent document processing and optical character recognition. This allows businesses to automate data processing and use machines to recognize data such as invoices and sort them accordingly, freeing up valuable time for more important tasks.

No data modeling

Unlike many low-code solutions that require data modeling before determining what needs to be done with it, Nectain enables businesses to start by modeling the process from start to finish. Once the process has been designed, users can determine the data that is required and model it accordingly. This approach accelerates digital transformation and has been proven to yield positive results.

Organizational structure

Nectain's organizational structure is crucial for corporate workflows, especially when permissions relate to departments or roles within departments involved in the process. By providing a mechanism that enables users to change individuals within a department without affecting the position's function, Nectain ensures optimal efficiency.

All-in-one application

Nectain provides a single studio for building entire solutions, enabling users to construct, view, analyze, and change each element from one location. Unlike many other low-code solutions that require users to utilize multiple tools for different functions, Nectain's all-in-one application ensures optimal efficiency and ease of use.


Nectain enables handling terabytes of data and thousands of users simultaneously.

Supercharge Development

Would you like to know where you can find innovative apps aimed at consumers and businesses that are scalable and can accommodate millions of users simultaneously? You can quickly create such applications using Nectain’s high-performance, low-code development platform.

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