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  • Nectain Low code platform constructor, on premise per user. Minimal package: 10 Developers


per user
  • Cloud based low code constructor monthly model per user. Minimal package 10 Developers.


per user
  • Cloud based low code constructor yearly model per user. Minimal package: 10 Developers
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How does it work?

You create a trial, customize your app or process, and then you can subscribe to use your app or the process you have created.

There are three types of subscription, which allows you to pay monthly or yearly and host your solution in our cloud or to pay one time and host it on your local servers.

The minimal package for each subscription is 10 User's pack.

If you need help with customisation and setup, please contact our support team.

Can I transfer my data from trial to the production?

Customized fields, users, processes and other system settings will be transferred from trial environment to production.

You will not be able to transfer user data created in the trial, such as user-created or uploaded documents, comments and user data inputs.

Can I get custom domain?

Your application can be deployed on any domain you wish, please contact our support team for more information of how to do it.


How can I deploy application created on Nectain to be sold here?

If you want to develop solution on our platform and provide it to the 3rd party, please contact us through the form on the "For partners" page.