New Releases

Nectain 1.37 release notes


We added the ability to create calendars with custom settings for displaying events. Events can be values of the "Date" attribute type from documents or manual events created by users.

User Dictionaries. Manual distribution of entries

The ability to display folders in user directories. Folder and record management functionality is similar to manual hierarchies (previous point).

Folder Hierarchy. Manual distribution of entries

We added the ability to create manual folder hierarchies and developed a switch “Automatic Distribution of Records”, when creating a folder hierarchy. When it is turned off, you can create a folder hierarchy manually.

Shortcuts. The ability to manage standard actions with shortcuts

In the shortcuts setting, admin can manage standard actions. For example, disable Adding, Editing and Deletion. These actions will become unavailable in the grid menu, context menu and side menu.

Filters."Not Empty" condition.

To filter records in grids, a new condition “Full” has been added, which allows you to display non-empty values in the selected grid column.

Error handling. The ability to generate letters with automatic error insertion

Admin can set a support email address in the UI Theme and Logo menu.

Import. The Ability to import data into documents, user and system dictionaries

Import is used for data filling from an Excel file. Using import, you can create or update documents or user and system directory entries.

First, import templates are configured to select what the user wants to import, then you need to create an attribute binding – specify the name corresponding to the column in the Excel file.

WebDAV. Opening a file with a direct link from the grid

We added the ability to open a file with a direct link from the grid. Available only in environments with domain authorization. Used for opening MS Office files directly in MS Word or MS Excel.

User Form

Updated user form. We added the ability to create an employee directly from the user form and with the use of data of a user that was created before.

Employee Card

Updated employee form. After creating an employee form, the ability was added to create a user directly from the employee form and with the use of the employee’s data. Linking an employee to a previously created user that does not have a link is possible as well.

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